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Hey Digital Realty, 

Was great to meet you guys!

I hope you enjoyed our jam session, it was really fun to mix and remix all your requests. 

I hope you have a great summer. If you're looking for some music to play, I've got my latest mix available below as well as a bunch from past years. Feel free to download and enjoy. And feel free to stay updated on all my latest tours and music by adding me on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. 

Stay awesome!


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Thank you to the 150 000+

That made my live Britney mix go viral!


Christmas is about to TURN UP!

Louder- Vegas Knights Anthem With Fatman Scoop

Hip Hoppers- This mix is for you!

The Turn Up is a series of hip hop mixes I made with the Legedary Fatman Scoop. This one is a few years old but STILL Bangin!

Check out some of my other mixes, originals, and remixes