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New Song- Get Away
Officially Released!

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What it's all about

"Get Away" a song about a love gone wrong no matter how hard he tried. 


  • It's the real life story of my friend, rapper Outlook's breakup with his girlfriend and the trauma it caused him. 'Get Away'  was a song released by KnowleDJ and Outlook the Rapper to help him get over his feelings of guilt and angst of leaving his partner when she still needed him. They were inspired to make the song that expresses the endless loop of toxicity in dysfunctional relationships that happens when you're the partner trying to help someone who suffers from mental health issues. As many of your listeners can probably relate, so many of us are dragged through vicious circles of negativity no matter how hard we try. The song was essentially a cathartic experience that we hope to help others in similar situations know that they are not alone and we all have been through it.



  • And it has a pretty cool story of how we put it together. We actually found an amazing homeless singer busking on the Vegas strip to do the hook and we were amazed at how talented he was. We even made a video about it, click here to watch. 


  • So I hope you like the song, and we would be elated if you add it to your playlists. 



  • Cheers!

I'd love your help in spreading the word!

Here's what you can do 🙏🏽

  • Listen, Heart, and add the song on your Spotify playlists (This is the most important)

  • Request it on your local radio station

  • Share the links on social media (Lyric Video coming soon)

  • DM me if you want to help more!

The Crazy Story On How We Made Our Song

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