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Life Enthusiast. 
Social Activist. 
Party Rocker Extraordinaire.

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  • 2022 and 2019 Opening Backstreet Boys DNA Tour Europe

  •  2019 Bottle Poppa Tour with Fatman Scoop USA

  • 2018 Opening Mariah Carey Christmas Tour Europe

  • 2017 Opening Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour Europe

  • 2016 Rihanna Anti World Tour VIP DJ USA and Canada

  • 2015 Weeknd Madness Tour VIP DJ USA and Canada


  • 2014 Jay Z & Beyonce On the Run Tour VIP DJ USA and Canada



Forget everything you know about DJ’ing. KnowleDJ (pronounced Knowledge) doesn’t headline parties- he SMASHES them.

The buzz about him is for real. That’s why he’s headlined the top clubs in Vegas, Barcelona, Paris, NYC, Miami, Boston, Toronto, Costa Rica, and 50 more- and that’s just in the past year. In fact, he's just had a live clip of a live Britney Mix go viral that's creating a sensation worldwide.


It’s what his thousands of fans can expect no matter where he goes. His Mashes for the Masses Mix Tape series have been an annually listening bonanza with almost a million collective plays by fans from Canada to Japan.

Not just a whiz on the decks, KnowleDJ makes his audiences bounce with his own original productions. He's just released his song for his favorite hockey team, "The Vegas Golden Knights" and it's been creating huge hype at the games and garnering thousadns of plays online. “Bottle Poppa” with the Legendary Fatman Scoop is hyping clubs everywhere. And he's got many more to come.

A firm believer in the #realDJs movement, KnowleDJ masterfully combines extreme turntable skills with showmanship and crowd interaction that other DJs can only dream of. Be a part of the movement. Get excited.

Be ready for the DJ experience you’ve never had before.

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