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Dangerous Knowledge Podcast

I've been searching for the deepest answers to some of the world's most important questions for a long time. I've been all over the world and encountered some of the greatest minds. I've read their books, listened to their music and watched their videos. 

And I would have some of the most life changing conversations in the most unlikely places. So instead of keeping them private, I decided to launch this podcast so I can share the brilliance of these best selling author's scientists, multi platinum artists, and spies. Did I just say spies? Yep. These are some of the most unique people I have ever met, including a former Al Qaeda member turned Canadian spy who has a fascinating story about how he overcomes the challenges of division in our society and works with former members of the KKK to bring us back together. His work is even featured in the United States Spy museum and he continues to play a leadership role in our community in so many ways. 


A lot of these speakers are not known through the mainstream audience, but their ideas and insight are so important that I felt compelled to share. So I hope you enjoy these conversations, and I hope you learn as much as I have. 

Abstract Planet

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