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Music Is Life-
I'm about to Go Deeper with it

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It's time to go deeper with Music. The world needs more connection and less division. I'm on a mission to bring people together from Mumbai to Miami. Las Vegas to London.


Most people have no idea how powerful music is. So I've made it my mission to connect with the World's best scientists, philosophers, and musicians to truly unleash the power of music to help us all connect deeper, stronger, and better. In the process we all become better together.


But I can't do this alone.



By subscribing to these emails, you not only get my best mixes and beats before anyone. You also get to go behind the scenes as I tell you the inside story of how I DJ around the world and made connections to some of the best scientists and best selling authors around the world. You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others as we all connect like we never have before. 

It's going to be a wild ride. 



My Past Emails

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