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The Vegas INternational DJ Sensation

Can Perform For Your Wedding

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Not all weddings can be in Vegas-
But now you can have a
Vegas DJ be there for yours

Bring This Vibe


From touring around the world 

To giving you the best party on the 

most important night of your life

Limited Dates Available
Summer 2023


Your Wedding Is The Most

Important Day Of Your Life.

Have the DJ that's trusted by the World's #1 concert company, Live Nation, to open for some of the world's Biggest artists.

2022 & 2019 Backstreet Boys

2018 Mariah Carey

2017 Ariana Grande

2016 Rihanna

2015 the Weeknd

2014 Jay Z & Beyonce

I've toured with

My Mission is Simple.


I only have one job. To make you have the most incredible music experience for your wedding. Ever.

And I mean it. That's why I use my incredibly diverse expertise in event production and music selection to boil it down to one thing:

Making sure you and your guests have the time of their lives.



I have a big confession to make. But first, let me tell you a little about myself. I've been a DJ for over 20 years. I've played on dozens of countries where I've opened for such acts as Ariana Grande, The Backstreet Boys, and Mariah Carey. As the DJ that's been trusted to open for literally the biggest acts in the world, I can truly say there is no DJ out there that can create the proper music selection and crowd engagement that can inspire millions of people like I can.  I've had over 20 000 people sing  Whitney Houston's "I will always love you".  Stadiums of people scream Britney Spear's iconic "Hit me Baby One More Time". And  so much more. And I'll provide the same outstanding professionalism that's allowed me to work with the world's best for your event or wedding. That's my commitment to make sure you have the best event ever.

How I Make Sure

You Have the Time 

of your life!

Wanna know a little bit of the secret to my success? I've toured the world, played in over 25 coutries and I have screaming fans everywhere I go for a simple reason. I put everything into every show and event I do. I consult the concert promoter and work directly with the star's management to ensure I'm going to create the exact vibe they are looking for. And that includes your wedding!


Our first free consultation is to see whether my date is available and as to whether I'm going to be a good fit. The last thing I want is to be booked for a an event where I'm not the perfect DJ for it (I turn down as many offers as I accept!. The next step is a full consultation process where we discuss your full event as well as the expected demographics. I want you to tell me your favorite songs that must be played as well as the ones gramma really loves (cuz every wants to see her dance!). I will go over may party process carefully so you'll know what to expect and how we can get all your guests involved to really make it EPIC! But I won't give you all my secrets, I have to save some surprises for your wedding night!

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My Story


To my thousands of fans, I'm the DJ that's toured opening for Ariana GrandeMariah Carey, and the Backstreet Boys in Europe. I've headlined over 100 cities from Miami to Vegas and everything in between. Here in the USA,  I was on tour with Jay Z and Beyonce, The Weeknd, and Rihanna playing their backstage VIP parties. I even was the first ever DJ to hit the stage for the world's largest rodeo, the Calgary Stampede

But not a lot of people know how it all started for me. I come from a small city near the West Coast of Canada known for it's beautiful scenery and award winning wines. It's also known as the marquee wedding destination for couples looking to tie the knot in the most serene setting imaginable. It was here that I developed not only my club rocking skills, but also the place where I'd hone my music library playing to all types of events. And being the place for weddings, I became well known for my skills at making couples friends party like rock stars while somehow also getting gramma and grampa to get down and crazy on the dance floor. I took those skills to the next level when I took when I started DJing on cruise ships out of Miami and Texas.

Over the years, as I continued to headline bigger events and then open for the World's biggest stars, I still continued that passion for the fun crowd interaction style that I love to create. So when fans would ask me if I was able to DJ their weddings I would occasionally be able to if my schedule allowed.


But now things have come full circle. From doing so many shows, I've developed that passion once again to help couples bring their families together for the most joyous event of their life. So I've devoted a part of my schedule to doing weddings for couples that want a truly exceptional wedding party.

Some Of My Tours


From Around the World

How Big Is Your Crowd?

Booming Sound and Dazzling lights for crowds of 50 - 5000

How big is your wedding? I can make sure you have the perfect sound and lights for any sized room. Whether you want to hire a separate sound company or you want my team to handle your sound and lights

Price- Pick a Package

Not all budgets are the same. When we consult, I'll go over all the options to make sure we pick the package that's right for you. All packages include me DJ'ing for a minimum of 4 hours but for those with the extra budget I can help you wow more guests with more sound lights, and extras

Each DJ package includes-

3 consultations (approximately 30 minutes each via zoom)- Going over details. 

Minimum DJ set of 4 hours

The option to upgrade sound, lights, and LED foam sticks, and Neon accessories to give you the true experience that KnowleDJ is known for in clubs across the world!

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Let's Chat-

Fill out the form so we can have a chat about your wedding plans. We'll determine if my date is available and whether I'm the right fit for your wedding. If I'm not I'll give you some tips to help you make sure you get the best fit for your budget. We'll then begin the process of helping you get ready for your special day!

Schedule a free 20 minute consultation

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch shortly

My Personal Guarantee

I'm the most dedicated DJ on the planet to make sure every event I do is the best it can possibly be. I want your wedding to be the same way. That's why I don't do 1 but 3 consulting meetings. We'll go over any songs you want played and I will happily play requests from your entire family and friends and create a vibe for the best party you'll ever have on the most important day of your life. 

ONe more thing!

Since you've read all the way to the end (thanks!)

Here's a remix of a song I made last year that I hope you'll enjoy with your significant other. It's a song about a man's devotion to his future wife. And the perfect way to end your special day. Best of luck on your DJ search and I hope you enjoy the song ❤️.

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