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Take Your Social Media Game to a Whole New Level

Social Media, we all know we need it and it’s fundamental to grow your real estate business. But whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned social savvy media veteran, it keeps getting more and more complex. And in this attention economy it’s more important than ever to know what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why mortgage 360 has teamed with one of the best experts in social media- a DJ based in Vegas who tours the world with some of the biggest stars.

This seminar will focus mainly on Yogis, but the tools will apply to all businesses

He’s in one of the most competitive businesses on the planet. Yet he’s succeeded in the top .1% of DJs, touring dozens of the cities a year and on tour with some of the biggest stars including Rihanna, the Weeknd, Jay Z & Beyonce, and just recently opened for Ariana Grande and Europe.

And while he might be incredibly talented, he credits much of his success to his incredibly marketing savvy. And he’s going to show you exactly how he does it so you can sky rocket your own real estate sales the way he does.

You can have a look at his marketing page here.

Save Yourself Hundreds of Hours and Thousands of Dollars

KnowleDJ Has spent over $25000 in Facebook ads, hundreds of hours of trial and error, trying every latest innovation and paid thousands for different softwares. So he knows what works and just as importantly WHAT Doesn’t. This seminar ONLY focuses on results that matter. One of the most important things you will gain from this seminar is the hundreds of hours and frustration you will never have to waste so you only focus on solutions that work. We want you to walk away from this seminar with not only what works today, but the mindset on how to find the right info to build for tomorrow.



What You’ll Be Learning:

Part 1: Mastering Media

  1. Photos- How to dazzle with photos

  2.  Content- Make compelling content that will make people hungry for more

  3. Video- it’s ALL about video. How to make fantastic videos with any budget

Part 2: Becoming a social media ninja

  1. Basics

  2. What platforms to use

  3. Creating Great Content

  4. Automating

  5. FB and IG Ads

Putting it all together- harnessing your media skills and hyper charging them on the right platforms so you reach thousands of laser targeted potential clients at minimal cost.

For Only $29 and about an hour, we'll transform your business online forever

The perfect gift for the entrepreneur in your family

What better way to start 2018?

We will show you the EXACT strategies to succeed online like very few can. These are the proven methods that we use to have our own successful business and they will transform yours as well.

Save yourself hundreds of hours and 

There's only a few spots left. Enroll today. 

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