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Contact me Now to see if I'm available

I pride myself on working closely with any organization that I do an event with. I have strong production skills to ensure your event goes smoothly and will work with you through out to ensure your event is a huge success. 

Limited Dates


As you can guess, between doing festivals, concerts, and touring the world, my schedule gets taken up quickly. If you have an important event on a certain date, the worst thing that could happen is not having the right DJ available! So contact me today to see if my calendar can match yours and let's work on making your event AMAZING!

So let's chat! I'm only a phone call or Email Away. I'm sure you've got questions, and I'll have answers! But first check out my FAQ.

Don't lose the date you want! Call now.

Let me Find you A DJ 

Being a touring DJ has it's perks, one of them being I'm extremely connected from coast to coast with DJs, and Entertainers of all kinds. It's one of the main reasonsI'm a consultant for clubs, festivals, and the number 1 concert company in the world, Live Nation.  I've run seminars for DJs, and I was a featured speaker for the Night Club and Bar Convention here in Vegas. I've got a vast depth of knowledge of what's needed for an event and how to make it awesome. So even if I can't do your event, I'll make sure to source the perfect people and make sure your event goes exactly how you wanted it to go.

If I can't do your gig, I'll find you someone awesome who will!

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