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Heading to Vegas? I bet you're looking for

the best deals on hotels and clubs

Lucky for you, I've done all the hard work for you. Vegas is all about who you know. And from living in Vegas for the past ten years and spinning at some of the hottest clubs, I've connected with the top peeps on the strip. 

So I'm going to pass these connects on to you (YAS!). So if you like to stay in hotels and save hella money, keep reading. 

The best deals on hotels in Vegas and Worldwide EVER. 

That's right, I said ever. Go ahead, try to find a better deal on expedia, priceline, whatevs. I guarantee my guys will save you at least 10% (but usually more like 30%) on the best deals you'll find everywhere else. That's because my guys have worked out a special insiders deal that's available to members only. I bet you want to be a member now right? That's easy...

Just click the link below and use password 


I've been recommending this site for years to friends and saved people thousands. So now you can do the same. Any questions just email me!

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