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Have an international DJ sensation for Your
Festival, Concert, or Club




across Europe

2019 and 2022

 The Backstreet Boys 

2018- Mariah Carey

2017- Ariana Grande




across USA and Canada

2016- Rihanna 

2015- The Weeknd

2014 - Jay Z & Beyonce 


Headlined over 100 clubs in

Las Vegas, Toronto, Berlin, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Vancouver and many more

From touring with the world's great stars to having thousands of raving fans. KnowleDJ (pronounced Knowledge) is taking the world by storm with his incredible and exciting mixing style that's matched by no other. 


When the world's biggest artists need the most exciting DJ to warm up their concerts, KnowleDJ is first on the list. The Las Vegas DJ has headlined over 100 clubs around the world from Toronto to Berlin and everything in between. That's because he plays every style of music with an excitement and style that no other DJ can match. It's earned him thousands of fans, both for his live DJ shows and his online mixes and original music. Some have gone viral on Tiktok with almost 1 million views, and his  hundreds of his fans' videos have gone viral in dozens of countries.

The World's Only DJ That Customizes His Set For Every Event

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Genre of Music-

EDM | Party Hip Hop and RnB | 90's and Classics | Country 


He's considered by many to be the world's most diverse DJ, there's a reason that KnowleDJ gets hired to do such different acts as Ariana Grande and the Backstreet Boys.  That's because KnowleDJ will customize his set specifically for your venue. For college events he's known for his hyper charged EDM remixes. For concerts and clubs he's done RnB, 90's and for country bars he's known to throw in the latest and country classics with EDM like no other DJ can. 

Whatever format he's playing, expect your audience to go crazy with engagement and the most memorable event in your city. 

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We transform your event into a
Vegas Destination

With each booking you get


KnowleDJ open format or EDM DJ set 1-3 hours 

We provide DJ gear- just need to plug into your system

Dozens of LED foam sticks, glow accessories and confetti cannons for that Vegas hype!

Promo videos customized for your event

Multiple graphics and videos for steady streamed online promotion


Let's have a conversation for any questions you might have and figure out if our event is right for your club. You can reach KnowleDJ directly at the number below.

We Provide You With the Most Powerful Marketing Tools

Marketing- We know how to max out your turn out. 

We know that marketing is more important than ever. The best part is, our team has mastered the art of going viral


KnowleDJ has multiple videos which have gone viral that we can provide you to use for your own promotion. 

And we also include multiple graphics, IG stories and videos that will help give a constant stream of promotion, have a look at some examples here

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