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Tennessee Whiskey
Private DJ ONly release

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Thank you DJs across the world for your Support!

This song was made by DJs for DJs because we know how important we are in creating the perfect vibe!


This is Tennessee Whiskey like you've never heard it before. Months in the making. Tested by DJs across America and recently featured at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. EDM fans. Country Fans. Music fans. Everyone loves this cover of Tennessee Whiskey.

Live Performances

Sat July 15 Whiskey Rose Calgary Stampede Canada

Saturday July 21 Dam Jam Music Festival Wichita Kansas

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Worldwide Release 
July 21

Please add the pre-save Link below to support the song going Viral.


Fatman Scoop + Acraze 
Do It To it Remix

Click HERE to Download

Ok so here's the story...

Do it To it- This is the REEEEEEEEEMIX!

(actually the remix of the remix iykyu)


Fatman Scoop on the hottest club banger? HELLYA! So you already know it's gonna set your dance floor on 🔥🔥🔥 


Ok you've heard Scoop on plenty of tracks but here's the crazy's the line dance you didn't know you were gonna love.

At first even I was a little bit 🙄. But after crowd testing and fine tuning we made just the right changes to turn it into a VIBE! Something between a cheerleading competition and twerking contest. But you'll know when you drop it on your dance floor and the ladies git crazy with it!

So what you waiting for? Hit play below and if you wanna download it check the link below.

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