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Whuttup Mista Rapper

You Want thousands of hungry new fans to check your music right? Here's How

I'm a DJ out of Vegas that's toured with some of the biggest stars including Ariana Grande, the Weeknd, Rihanna, Jay Z& Beyonce and I've done tracks witht he legendary Fatman Scoop.

Every year I have my mixes downloaded in the thousands by hungry fans across the world. 

People love my mixes because they are creative, but I'm also a marketing expert that knows how to reach just the right people that will love your music.

So if you're looking for a way to reach tens of thousand of people hungry for new music like yours, let's get your hottest track on my mix. I'll expertly weave it in so it'll sound perfectly blended with the latest Drake or Blocboy JB track. 

Also, when they go to download the mix I'll have a link to your music or page so they can access more. 

You can even have your own featured page and have me shout you out on the mix. 

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